Designed By

We’ve put together our own exclusive tours, Designed By Us, with the UK or European customer in mind. With private jets departing from and returning to the UK, our itineraries tend to be shorter, with smaller group sizes and often with a theme – such as food and wine, fabulous gardens, the Arts and so on.

We’re also excited to offer tailored itineraries, Designed By You. Let us know where you’d like to visit and we’ll put together your own exclusive itinerary designed to your specifications. Whether you’d like to stay in villas or hotels, in one location or many, whether you are a small or a large group, we’re happy to help. Contact our experienced team for more details. 

Designed By Us

Tours designed exclusively by us with the British or European customer in mind. Taking off from and returning back to the UK, our tours are ideal for those of you looking to experience a new way to travel, in ultimate style and luxury.


Designed By You

The ultimate in personalised travel experience. If you'd like to design your own itinerary, choose your own hotel or travel with your own group of family or friends, we can tailor make your perfect private jet tour.