Our final day Following Caravaggio

We say goodbye to Caravaggio and to our group as we spend our last day in Sicily before flying home

Travelling with a group of like-minded people offers great advantages, such as private access to galleries and privately hosted dinners, for example. However, sometimes we all want ‘get away from it’ and have quiet time or indeed time to do our own thing. Private Jet Tours' ‘Your Choice’ concept allows our guests to choose where they would like to eat on certain evenings on the tour. On Friday evening, we offered the choice to eat in one of two carefully selected restaurants in Taormina, in the hotel restaurant or to take room service. Our group made their choice and some chose to take room service and some chose to eat out.

During the day, our full day of touring in Sicily gave us a couple of options too. The first option was a driving your to Mt Etna or to explore the Sicilian countryside. Both were of great interest to the group and later, at our wine tasting lunch, everyone swapped stories of their experiences.

It was to be our final day of touring and following a brief overview on the journey taken by Caravaggio from Rome via Malta to Sicily by Canon Dr Anne Davison, we sat down for our 2 Michelin Star dinner in Principe Cerami. It was an exquisite meal. Would you believe that the hotel (of which the restaurant forms a part) has a totally separate kitchen for Principe Cerami, where the Chef can work in peace to create his master pieces. Art in a different form!

On Saturday morning, we checked out of the beautiful San Domenico Palace hotel and headed to the Museo Regionale for our final viewing of art by Caravaggio. We then took our transfer back to Catania to board the jet for our flight home, enjoying a last lunch on board. At Luton, we said our farewells as our wonderful group headed home.

We look forward to seeing them all again soon.